About Me

Learn a little about the man behind the decks

Ever since I can remember I have always had a love of music and entertaining people.  I guess my earliest performance was in a pub called The Prince Of Wales when I sang along to The Bare Necessities from the Disney movie The Jungle Book on the PA system.  It was also my first paid event as dad insisted everyone pay me something, well, he was the landlord!

I think my musical influence came from my older brother Martyn, the resident DJ in the Discotheque behind dad’s pub.  Something I treasure to this day is the album he bought me, Moog Party Time.  He was a visionary when it came to spotting new music and techniques… and yes, I do still have all of my vinyl if you’re wondering?

The first proper experience of DJ’ing for me was at Martyn’s wedding when I was the tender age of 14.  The memory has faded a little but I remember getting people to dance and my girlfriend Sarah being with me.

I have always tinkered about with music, recording songs onto compact cassette from the TV speaker whilst watching Top Of The Pops and making mix tapes when I finally inherited Martyn’s ‘record player’.

My eldest brother Mervin asked me to make him some ‘mix tapes’ once and years later when he was having a de-clutter he presented them back to me.  They still played well and I have since made a ‘mix tape CD’ with the track listings.  A very enjoyable blast from the past!

It was quite by accident that I found myself DJ’ing for a living.  Rob, a very good friend of mine heard my music programming after tuning into a few of the shows I presented on a Community Radio Station and asked me to cover a function for him.  One thing led to another and that led to more and here I am.

For me, there’s nothing to rival that buzz I get when I see the dancefloor full and everyone having a great time.  That’s when all the hard work has paid off, as there’s more to DJ’ing than just rocking up and spinning a few tunes.

I’m usually within arms reach of a source of music and to stay current with new music releases I generally have Radio 1 playing in one ear with the headphones while monitoring Cornwall’s Pirate FM with the other ear.  I don’t think there’s a word for ambidextrous ears?

That’s me, well, a bit of me anyway.  Enjoy the website …