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Package costs – choose the one to suit you

Ah, pricing – the tricky one!

Each event is as unique as you are and therefore the pricing for one event does not necessarily translate across to another.  The only assumption I make in pricing is that you are either reading this because you are thinking of booking me to entertain your guests for around five hours, or you are thinking of calling to to enquire about booking me to entertain your guests for around five hours.

I consider that my prices are fair and I pride myself in delivering a high quality product and are based around playing a five hour set between 7.00pm and midnight in a venue with reasonable access.

For me, the event starts a few hours before the first track is played and finishes in the early hours of the morning.  Typically, the timings that I would use for a five hour booking around 45 miles away would be:

2.00pm – 4.00pm        Music Preparation (for Playlists and Top 40 etc… )
4.00pm – 4.30pm        Load Equipment into the van
4.30pm – 5.00pm        Depart for venue (allowing some wriggle room for delays)
5.00pm – 6.00pm        Travel to venue
6.00pm – 7.00pm        Unpack and set up equipment with a sound & light check
7.00pm – 12.00am      DJ the event
12.00am – 1.00am      Dismantle equipment and load into van
1.00am – 2.00am        Travel home
2.00am – 2.30am        Unload equipment from van

As you can see, to achieve this five hour DJ set actually takes around 12 hours.  This is just the time element for the booking and, like most other businesses, there are other hidden costs incurred as well such as fuel, vehicle running costs, equipment insurance, website running costs etc…

I only use high quality music files (320kbs) sourced and downloaded from a company called CD Pool, a professional DJ music supplier.  I believe that the higher the quality, the better the sound and worth the £400 a year subscription fee.


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Base Package

This is a base level package providing high quality sound from a pair of powered speakers and an array of LED and laser lighting designed for small to medium sized venues with an anticipated invited guest list of up to 120 guests.

Enhanced Package

Includes the Base Package with an enhanced/extended lighting package with extra LED and laser lighting displays and with uplighting.

Premium Package

Includes the Enhanced Package with additional uplighting (venue space permitting), a pair of powered subwoofers. A dedicated PA System with wireless microphones for speeches is provided within the package and this can also be used to play background music from your own MP3 Player, or from a bespoke playlist created for your event.

Ideal for larger venues, such as a barn dance, or for that ‘WOW’ factor with extra uplighting and the super-rich sound generated by powered subwoofers.

Mix & Match Packages

Each of the above packages can be mixed and matched to your own requirements. Please give me a call to discuss what you have in mind.

The Flip Side

A lot of people view a DJ as the guy who turns up in jeans and T-Shirt, chucks his rig up with cables everywhere and spins a few tunes for a few pints and some cigarette money.  This could not be further away from what I offer.

Beware of DJ’s who ‘race to the bottom’ for a price to secure your booking.  You may well secure the bargain of the year, but once you have booked and they have arrived on the night, that is what you have got, whether you like it or not.  The price I quote takes a lot of variables into account and I value what I do for a living.

I have known of DJ’s who play the music they are playing and that’s it, despite requests!  With the service I offer, it’s ‘Your Music – Your Way’ for a reason.  You can have as much, or as little, input as you want.

I have known of unscrupulous DJ’s to take a booking, say for £100, only to leave the client high & dry at the last minute after canceling for one reason or another (the real reason being that they have taken a higher paying booking).


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